MHW Gathering Sets

MHW Gathering Sets | Best Gathering Sets in Monster Hunter World

In Monster Hunter World, armors have several different types of skills and unique benefits, prompting players to create several different MHW Gathering Sets. These are mismatch pieces of armor that help the player maximize their ability to successfully and efficiently gather materials. In this guide, we will show you some of the best Gathering Sets to help you with farming in Monster Hunter World.

MHW Best Gathering Sets | Low, High, and Master Ranks

Low-Rank Gathering Set

In total, we have created three different MHW Gathering Sets that will help make playing a little bit easier. The first is a low-rank set, meaning it’ll be best for those just starting out who don’t have a lot of materials or resources. 

Below are the items you’ll want to include in your low-rank Gathering Set:

MHW Gathering Sets

  • Chainmail Headgear (Master gather)
  • Rathian Mail (Botanist)
  • Kulu Vambraces (Pro Transporter)
  • King Beetle Elytra (Honey Hunter)
  • King Beetle Crura (Forgers Luck)

With all of these armor pieces, players will be able to gather herbs, honey, and metal ore nodes much faster. Further, you’ll be able to gather some materials you need for a high-rank set by using this set. 

High-Rank Gathering Set

The second of the best Gathering Sets in MHW is for high-ranking players that have been around the game for a while. This set will help players gather more metals, bones, and monster parts.

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Below are the items you’ll want to include in your high-rank Gathering Set:

MHW Gathering Sets

  • Chainmail Headgear B (Master gather)
  • Rathian Mail B (1 Botanist)
  • King Beetle Brachia B (2 Botanist)
  • King Beetle Elytra B (Honey Hunter)
  • King Beetle Cura B (Forgers luck)

With all the combined skills in this Gathering Set, players should be able to gather high-ranking points a bit easier and quicker. Additionally, with this MHW Gathering Set, players can set the following Decorations that will give you +3 to Geologist and +3 to Entomologist.

Monster Hunter World Gathering Sets

By increasing the Geologist skill, players will be able to mine more metal ores from gathering points, along with bones from bone piles. By increasing the Entomologist skill, players be able to easily get monster parts from Vespoids and Hornetaur

Master-Rank Gathering Set

Perhaps the best MHW Gathering Set in our guide is the Master-Rank armor set which will help players gather items similar to the High-Rank set more effectively.

Below are the items you’ll want to include in your Master-Rank Gathering Set:

MHW Best Gathering Sets

  • Shamos Googles (Geologist 2)
  • Rathian Mail (Botanist 2)
  • King Beetle Elytra B (Honey Hunter)
  • King Beetle Cura B (Forgers luck)

This Gathering Set is fairly similar to the previous one but will help you earn some Master-Rank items from gathering points. As the skills are somewhat unchanged from the High-Rank Gathering Set, will simply have an even easier time gathering more herbs, honey, bones, and metal ore from mining spots.

We hope with these three MHW Gathering Sets, players will be able to farm quickly and farm some highly desired materials to do some hunting and make some nice armor sets. 


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