Microsoft Shortens Game Pass Trial Period Ahead Of Starfield Launch

The closer a game gets to release, the more you start hearing about it, up until the point when it completely dominates your gaming news feed. Starfield has been in the gaming headlines for quite a long time now, and it’s less than a month from release. Retailers are preparing their best sales pitches as prospective players prepare to block out chunks of their schedule in order to devote their time to the sci-fi epic. It’s well-known that the game will be available on Game Pass, but those undecided will now have around two weeks to try out the service for themselves before it’s added — as opposed to the previous four weeks. Here are the details.

Starfield Game Pass Trial Cut

The gaming competition has shifted from the physical to the digital, with almost every new game coming out being available to download from an online platform. Microsoft’s contender is Game Pass, available on both PC and Xbox, which offers access to a number of games, including Starfield, for a monthly subscription.

For the longest time, new subscribers could test out a 30-day trial of the service for the low price of $1. However, according to The Verge among other sources, this period will be cut down to less than half that time. Since there are more than two weeks until Starfield launches, it would appear that the service is planning to squeeze some extra dollars out of Game Pass users.

A humorous but honest observation of the average player is that they have more video games than they will ever have enough time to play. One of the reasons for this is that many modern and popular games boast extremely long play times that can take months to get through amidst a packed schedule. Many are estimating that completing just the main story of Starfield can take up to 40 hours. Still, with such a huge universe to explore and other activities to keep you busy, the main story will likely fall by the wayside.

As a result, the average Starfield player may need to buy multiple Game Pass trials just to get through the game. To paraphrase one of our team leads, it seems Microsoft could be concerned that the original one-month trial would be more than enough time to finish it.