Microsoft Teases New Way To Stream Games With Xbox Streaming Stick

Game consoles are a luxury, but there may be an alternative on the horizon. It seems Microsoft has something in the works for players who can’t afford to buy the latest Xbox Series X. The company’s latest is the Xbox Streaming Stick, which can stream titles from Xbox Game Pass directly to a TV. First revealed in E3 2021, the cloud-gaming box seems to be nearing release. According to the latest reports, the Xbox Streaming Stick may become a reality quite soon.

Could Xbox Streaming Stick Be The Cloud-Based Future?

Xbox Streaming Stick

Microsoft continues to compete in the console market with its Xbox line. Similar to Sony’s PlayStation 5, the Xbox Series X is the latest Microsoft console that remains quite popular and expensive. Of course, it’s expensive because it’s crammed with the latest technology. However, you don’t necessarily need powerful hardware in order to play video games. That’s where the Xbox Streaming Stick comes in.

It works about like any other streaming device. The idea is to simply plug it in and stream games from the cloud to your display. PCs and consoles, even the Nintendo Switch, have no trouble with this task. But again, those have more power on tap than is technically required. Instead, the Xbox Streaming Stick can provide a similar gaming experience at a fraction of the cost.

The development of the Streaming Stick follows the continuing trend on gaming advancements based on mobile technology. Take the Nintendo Switch, a minuscule console that gradually proved itself to support even the most technically demanding games. Then there’s the Steam Deck, a portable with capabilities directly comparable to the PS5 or Series S. By using low-power components backed by high-powered servers, a set-top streaming device could be the cheapest way to get into Xbox gaming.

Though this could mark a big shift in Xbox gaming, there is still very little information about the device itself. We’re very interested to learn any technical specifications, and certainly its price tag. Considering that the Xbox Series X is still being sold for $499.99, a sub-$50 device could easily create an entirely new market. Suffice to say we’re watching the development of the Xbox Streaming Stick closely. Hopefully we’ll be able to get our hands on one in 2023.