Mile High Taxi Review | Fare Prices in the Future

Films like Back to the Future Part 2 made us believe the future of transportation would be in the air. While things haven’t worked out like that, t doesn’t stop us from wondering “what if” and Cassisu-John Adams is one of those folks. With that idea in his head, he presents Mile High Taxi to help us experience such a fantasy. It’s a 3D driving game in the open air that weaves through a vast futuristic city. It’s all about driving, flying, and going fast so as to make sure your customers are satisfied and that you get paid.

Why Fly a Mile High Taxi?

Mile High Taxi review - screenshot 01

While you never need an excuse to drive fast in a video game, it doesn’t hurt to have one. In Mile High Taxi, the title gives away what it’s all about. You are a driver driving a taxi that may or may not be a mile off the ground. Even in the far future, teleportation and tube travel hasn’t been perfected yet, so people still need a way to get places and sidewalks seem to have gone out of style. Choose your driver and start tearing up the city skies as you collect clients in order to gain money and make a living out of your flying yellow car.

A Sweet Ride

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Even though the novelty of piloting a flying car may not be a new one, there are still ways to make it fun. This is what Mile High Taxi manages to do with its gameplay. Just like a taxi should be, speed is the name of the game. This means that there isn’t much preamble to slow you do and you can jump right into the driver’s seat instantly. The controls are easy to figure out and handle, leaving it up to you to determine what kind of driver you want to be. Whether you want a career or just a free ride, the fun starts fast.

Unlike other driving games, this one is not restrained by gravity or even friction. You can gain top speed within a few seconds as you try to master turns. There are plenty of open spaces to practice driving so that you can feel a bit more confident flying through the maze of the cyberpunk city. It’s made to be wild and free which strengthens it as a quick game to jump into now and then.

Heading For An Accident

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Just because it’s future doesn’t mean that technology won’t still have problems, in fact, they’re likely to get more complex. Mile High Taxi has some big problems which could take some time to fix. The biggest is the presentation in terms of visuals and interaction. Most of the game has you sitting in the car as you pick up clients so you’ll want to see what it can do. Sadly, it’s not much. Colliding into buildings doesn’t break the car nor does crashing into other cars, often just phasing through them entirely.

This means there won’t be any satisfying wrecks to enjoy if you mess up, you’ll just bounce off and keep driving. In addition to the lack of explosions, the graphics aren’t much to look at. Everything has a flat and low-resolution appearance while the city itself can be very bright. The buildings don’t feel like structures but instead like blocks with stickers. Unfortunately, there’s no way to confirm this since you can fly super high up or super low down. It’s a very specific restriction that takes a lot out of the experience.

Catch the Mile High Taxi

Mile High Taxi is a 3D driving game about flying a taxi as fast and recklessly as possible. Its fast pace and simple controls mean you can start the engine as soon as you start the game. Like an old taxi, though, it has some faults. The game could really use a fresh coat of paint and detailing, and needs to take its foot off the brake of exploration. All the same, if you’re looking for a fare ride, there’s always the mile-high taxi.