Minecraft Ancient City | How to Find

There’s one main goal in Minecraft: to collect as many incredible resources as possible. Often you’ll have to work hard for it, largely by mining diamonds or crafting elite weaponry and equipment. However, if you manage to find the Ancient City, you’ll uncover a bounty of rare loot to put you in a great position. If you’re in a PvP lobby, then the chances are you’ll quickly jump to being the richest and most prepared player there. If you’re interested, then read on to see how to find the Ancient City in Minecraft.

How to Find an Ancient City in Minecraft

How to Find an Ancient City in Minecraft

To find the Ancient City in Minecraft, you’ll have to head to a very specific area. To be precise, Ancient Cities can be found in layer -52 in certain deep dark biomes. These are special types of cave biome buried underground. You’ll need to root around them searching for buildings or civilized structures, and then dig to layer -52.

If you manage it, you’ll stumble across an area littered with chests and other treasure. They’re made obvious by their structure, with huge corridors leading to a giant underground palace. It’s made of Deepslate, which is a rare enough resource in its own right. However, within the city you’ll find candles, chests, lanterns, and sculk. It’s most likely the chests that’ll provide the biggest benefit, due to the range of rare items they can harbor, including some much-desired diamond equipment.

Of course, there’s no way of predicting what will be inside those chests. As such, you’ll want to clear your inventory out before heading to an Ancient City, in case there’s plenty of loot you wish to keep. It’s also worth being careful on Survival Mode, because enemies could spawn in the cave regions around the Ancient City. However, there aren’t any mobs that spawn within it, so you should be safe once you arrive. From there, you can grab all the loot you desire!