Minecraft Boat With Chest | How to Craft

A new Minecraft update has arrived! Java Edition 1.19, The Wild Update, has finally dropped. With this update comes many new additions for players to explore, harvest, fight and build. Among one of the new buildable items is the new boat with chest. Prior to 1.19, this object was only attainable via mods, but now it is part of vanilla Minecraft. So, is building this item complicated? Not in the least, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know to get started.

How to Craft Boat With Chest in Minecraft

How to Craft Boat With Chest in Minecraft

So, given that both the boat and the chest are some of the earliest implemented items in Minecraft history, it’s actually kind of a shock it took Mojang this long to officially utilize a combination of the two. This is made even more surprising by the fact that mods have made this transportable chest available for years. Now that it is a part of official releases, we figure many players are wondering how to craft this thing. Could it really be as simple as combining these two items?

Yes, it is absolutely that simple. It’s made even more simple by not requiring a Crafting Table to build it. Since the boat with chest only requires two items, it can be crafted in the 2×2 crafting square of your inventory. You only need to combine one boat and one chest. Then, it’s a just a matter of plopping it down in any body of water like any other noat.

That being said, what might confuse some players new to this transport is exactly how to access their new storage. The caveat of this useful new transport is the chest cannot be accessed while you’re in the boat or from the water. It can only be accessed from a platform from which you can approach the boat while crouching.  To open the boat’s chest, approach the boat while crouching and right click, that’s it.

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