Minecraft Buried Treasure | How to Find

Minecraft has been slowly updated ever since its launch, meaning its booming with content. Each patch brings new details that help round out the in-game world. In the Update Aquatic update that dropped in 2018, the ocean was the main focus. One of its biggest additions was Buried Treasure, which is a great way to find special items throughout the game world. As you may expect, though, you won’t be able to find it without a map.

How to Find Buried Treasure in Minecraft

How to Find Buried Treasure in Minecraft

To find buried treasure in Minecraft, you first need to find a treasure map. To get one of those, you need to head out to the ocean and loot a sunken ship. Naturally, the best way of traversing the ocean is by boat. Once you’re out on the water, start to look beneath the waves. Your immediate goal is to locate a sunken ship.

Once you find a sunken ship, you’ll be on track. Swim down to it, and open every chest you can find. Open enough of them and you’ll eventually find a buried treasure map. Take a look at the map to reveal the nearby location of buried treasure. You’ll have to look for it the in-game map, but once you reach where the X is on the treasure map, start digging.

Dig for long enough and you’ll eventually find the buried treasure. They’re normally found on beaches, but very rarely are they found underneath the ocean. Inside the chest, you can expect to find anything from food to seeds, to iron or diamonds. But, one thing that remains consistent inside of the buried treasure if the Heart of the Sea. This is used to make Conduits.

Buried treasure is a great way to find late-game items early in the game, as well as help fast-track progress to obtaining aquatic update items as well. If you want to find it in your world, simply seek out sunken ships. Chances are good a treasure map is hiding somewhere on board.