Minecraft Gold Farm | How To Make A Fully Automatic Farm

Ever since the addition of trading with piglins, gold in Minecraft has become more valuable than ever. Unfortunately, getting the gold necessary for this trading can be a bit of a pain, as it typically requires a lot of mining, or so you may have thought. In fact, there is a much better method of farming gold than mining, that will do so at a rate of ~150 gold per hour completely automatically, using a brilliant gold farm design made by Madzify. This design is intended for the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft.

How to Make an Automatic Gold Farm in Minecraft

Admittedly, making a gold farm is a bit expensive, but it will do more than pay for itself once it’s up and running. Here are all the materials you will need for the build:

  • 56 obsidian blocks
  • 16 observers
  • One dispenser
  • At least four hoppers
  • At least two chests
  • Four pistons
  • Four leaf blocks
  • Four minecart rails
  • Two powered rails
  • Six redstone torches
  • Nine trapdoors
  • One hopper minecart
  • Two buckets of lava
  • Two buckets of water
  • Three tridents
  • Two and a half stacks of inflammable blocks (such as stone)
  • A stack and a half of glass

It should be noted that you really only need one bucket to build a gold farm, but you will need two water source blocks and two lava source blocks. The glass is also optional, as stone can be used in its place, but the glass helps with monitoring your farm.

To begin building a gold farm, you’re going to want to build a 15×15 Nether Portal frame six blocks up off the ground. You do not need the blue and yellow blocks as shown; they are just there to show how high up the obsidian begins. Don’t bother with lighting the portal quite yet.

Minecraft Gold Farm

Ignore the fact that the portal is lit in the image below. You’re going to want to wait to light it so that zombified piglins don’t get in your way. A very important thing to determine before continuing this build is which side of the portal the piglins will be spawning on. They will only ever spawn to one side, so that’s where the kill chamber will be built. They will always spawn to the east or south side of the portal (depending on which cardinal axis you built it). You can use the sun (sets in the west), sunflowers (always face east), or a map to determine which side of the portal will be the spawning side. Once you have determined which side that is, build the following stone structure on the spawning side. That one missing block on the bottom-right will be where the piglins get funneled into the death chamber.

Gold Farm

In the two upper missing blocks on the right, place a dispenser facing into the portal, and then an observer facing away from it. Surround the contraption with three-high wall of glass (or stone if you don’t care about seeing the piglins), then place a single water source on the far left. If everything is set up correctly, the water should stop just before the hole. Build a two-block deep funnel at this hole as the picture below shows.

Gold Farm

Now to the opposite side of the portal. Build a small 3×3 wall with an observer in the bottom to the side of the dispenser as seen below. Directly in front of the dispenser, build a small bowl.

Gold Farm

Coming off the side of the 3×3 wall, you’re going to want to build out ten blocks, into another 3×3 wall. Directly to the right of the observer, place seven observers facing left. Their arrows on top should be pointing right, as that is where their outputs are directed. Place an eighth observer facing down, then a ninth observer facing again to the right.

Minecraft Gold Farm

Place trapdoors in the long wall closest to the portal and open them, so they match the following picture. Across from them, build up the stone wall two blocks high.


Place two lava source blocks in your new stone box. Place one lava source in the furthest spot to the right, and the second lava source four blocks from the left. Then, go underneath the system and place an observer facing up into the downward-facing observer.

Minecraft Gold FarmMinecraft

Now it’s time to build the killing chamber for your gold farm. Underneath the funnel you built, you’re going to want to dig out a 2×2 hole and fill it with leaves. To each side around these leaves, place an inward-facing piston next to an observer facing away from the piston. On the side of each piston, in front of the observer, place a redstone torch. Once all four torches are placed, the pistons should begin extending in a cycle. The blue and yellow blocks are again only placed for reference of position.


Here’s the clever part of the design. Climb up on top of your gold farm and throw your three tridents straight down the funnel hole. They should all land on the leaves below. You are now going to want to be very careful not to pick them up. The pistons will push the tridents around, killing any piglins that are on the leaves.

Gold Farm

Dig down under your leaves. This is where you’re going to place your collection system. Place your four hoppers underneath the leaves as shown below, all leading into a chest. On top of the hoppers, build a 2×3 rail loop with powered rails in the middle. Turn these rails on by placing redstone torches to the sides of them, but make sure to destroy the blocks above the torches, so they don’t mess with the piston contraption above. Once this is built, place the hopper minecart on top of the rails and give it a push. It will start riding around indefinitely. Hopper minecarts have the unique ability of being able to pick up items through blocks that are above them, so it will suck up the gold through the leaves.

Minecraft Minecraft

Finally, it’s time to start the gold farm. Place a water bucket into the dispenser you placed earlier, then place an observer facing toward the observer that’s next to the dispenser. This will start the system and the portal will begin to turn on and off. Doing this will cause piglins to spawn into the system, get ground up and deposit your gold into the chests below.

Minecraft Gold Farm

With your gold farm set up, you will never need to mine again! Well, for gold at least.

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