Minecraft Horses | How to Breed

Minecraft‘s mobs are one of the staples of the game. You’ll find yourself encountering at least all of them on a normal playthrough. And it’s these animals, animals like horses, that helps Minecraft feel alive. They aren’t just passive creatures, either. Like other animals, horses can be captured, tamed, and even ridden. But if you want to fill out your own stable, you’ll need to know how to breed horses.

How to Breed Horses in Minecraft

How to Breed Horses in Minecraft

If you’re looking to breed a horse in Minecraft, you’re first going to have to tame one. It’s difficult, but it doesn’t require any special items. Head to any plains or savanna biome and you’ll be bound to find a horse. You can also find them in villages as well.

Once you find a horse you want to tame, interact with it to mount it. It’ll most likely buck you off, but you’re on the right track. Proceed to continue mounting the horse, eventually, you’ll see hearts over your head, which will indicate that the horse has been tamed. Don’t forget to use a lead to make horses follow on foot!

Once you have two horses tamed, you’re going to want to make some golden apples or golden carrots. These are the only items that will allow them to breed. While some animals like pigs and cows will accept wheat, normal apples and carrots are only used to heal horses. That’s why they can only be bred using the golden variants of these food items.

Minecraft breeding mechanics follow a bit of real-life logic. Horses can be bred with others to make another. However, you also can breed a horse and a donkey to make a mule. This new animal cannot reproduce, but you will get a new mob, and an achievement called “Artificial Selection.”

Horses are perfect for riding, and for carrying items you may not have the room for, so they’re a perfect companion for Minecraft players who like to stay on the move or explore well beyond their base.