Minecraft | How to Get Out of a Boat

The humble Minecraft boat. It is likely one of the first things you build in a session if you’re placed near lots of water. Swimming the old-fashioned way simply doesn’t cut it. It’s slow, the bobbing can be annoying, you can’t hold your breath very long, and it makes you hungry. Instead, the boat makes for nice, speedy travel. However, for the longest time, the game never told you how to actually leave the boat. Well, no matter which version you’re playing, we’ll tell you how to accomplish this!

How To Get Out of a Boat in Minecraft

How To Get Out of a Boat in Minecraft

To get out of a boat in Minecraft, simply press the Left Shift key on your keyboard or the right stick on your controller. It’s a relatively recent addition, but based on the screenshot above, the PC version at least is nice enough to tell you clearly how to do this!

Here’s to leave a boat in every version of the game:

  • For Minecraft on PC, press the Left Shift key
  • On consoles from Xbox to PlayStation and Nintendo, press the right analog stick inward (R3 or RS)
  • Finally, the Pocket Edition on mobile has a nifty “Leave Boat” button

So there you have it! You are now well equipped to dismount the boat in Minecraft. While you’re here, we can share some fun facts about this venerable vehicle:

  • The boat was added way back on July 16th, 2010 with the release of Alpha v1.0.6. They added the Minecart the week prior with Alpha v1.0.4
  • Boats used to break if you placed them outside of water. They fixed this within a day of adding the boat.
  • For a short while between late 2015 into early 2016, they changed the boat controls to require players to press the left and right keys to row the oars. This decision was unpopular. They changed the controls back just prior to version 1.9

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