Minecraft | How to Make Parrots Dance

With the immense amount of mobs in Minecraft, each one serves a purpose. While hostile mobs like the Skeleton or the Creeper can kill the player, their loot drops are pivotal to progressing in the game. However, some passive mobs, are more for fun. One of these is the humble parrot. Why might you want to keep a parrot around? Maybe because, under the right circumstances, they’ll dance for you.

How to Make Parrots Dance in Minecraft

How to Make Parrots Dance in Minecraft

While parrots can be interesting companions, they don’t really do much. They can sit on your shoulder, and they can fly around. However, one of the more charming things the parrot can do is dance to music. However, before that can happen, you’re going to need to tame a parrot.

Once you have a parrot tamed, you’re going to want to make a jukebox. The crafting recipe for a jukebox is very easy. First, craft a chest shape in the crafting table, then, place a diamond into the middle of the wooden planks. This will make a jukebox. Once you have the jukebox, you’ll need to find a music disc. Finding one is quite easy. They’re found in Dungeons, Woodland Mansions, Strongholds, or Bastion Remnants. If you’re playing on bedrock, they can also be found in Buried Treasure as well. However, if you’re lucky enough, having a skeleton or a stray kill a creeper for you will make the creeper drop a random music disc, as well as their loot.

With all the materials, you’re ready for a party. To make the parrot dance, make sure it’s within a three-block radius of your jukebox. With the bird in proximity, place your Music Disc into the jukebox. As long as the parrot is close when the music starts playing, it will start dancing. Even better, you can get multiple parrots to dance all at once — even if one is resting on your shoulder.