Minecraft | How to Make Trees Grow Faster

Minecraft is a game that is chock full of interactivity. From going into mines, and gathering materials, to raising animals to build elaborate farms. One of the biggest things players will do in the game is to grow plants. As they provided a good food source if you spawn without mobs, and they can also be used for building. However, to prevent running out of your favorite type of log, replanting and growing trees is a key part of the gameplay loop. So, how can you do it faster?

How to Make Trees Grow Faster in Minecraft

How to Make Trees Grow Faster in Minecraft

To make trees grow faster, you’re going to want to start by planting a tree in an open area. Use the sapling the tree drops and place it in a spot that isn’t going to cause the tree to collide into other blocks. Once you have that situated, it’s time to find the one magic item that makes all plants spring to life. Bone meal is the surprisingly common item you can use to grow trees faster.

Finding bone meal is quite easy. If you’re going through the world, you might have come across some while mining. It can be found inside of the mine cart chests in the abandoned mine shaft generations underground. However, that’s not the only place it can be found. It’s also found in skeletons as well. Wait until nightfall, and defeat as many skeletons as you can. They won’t drop bone meal, but they’ll drop an item required to craft it. Bones. After you think you have enough bones, take them to the crafting table, and place them anywhere on the interface. They’ll turn into bone meal.

Once you have the bone meal in your inventory, go back outside and use the bone meal on the sapling. Sometimes it will work instantly, other times, it will shorten the timer that the tree has before it grows.

Bone meal can be used on other plants as well, such as Carrots, Beetroot, Wheat, and Potatoes. It’s extremely helpful, and will ensure that you continue to have a steady stream of wood and food during your adventure.

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