Minecraft | How to Tame An Allay

The Wild Update is bringing Minecraft players back in droves thanks to loads of new mechanics and items. With new items and mobs, many players are wondering how to interact with these new elements. One of the most curious new mobs is the Allay, which can help you find items throughout your world. However, before you can put this creature to use, you need to know how to tame it.

How to Tame An Allay in Minecraft

How to Tame Allays in Minecraft

The Allay is the newest mob in Minecraft’s The Wild Update. While it’s not an animal like other mobs, it does have a purpose. It’s not possible to tame Allays, as they’re already passive. However, what the mob can do is something special. These ghost-like creatures will fly around the world and can be approached by the player. They normally spawn at Pillager outposts and Woodland mansions, caught inside of cages.

Players will have to free Allays before they’re able to use them. The Alley is considered tame once it’s free. Attempting to feed one items before it is freed will be useless. However, giving it items will actually help you.

Once handed an item, the Allay will start following you around. During the time it’s following you, it will leave and search out the same item it’s holding. Once it finds it, it’ll return it to you. The allay will follow you within a 64-block radius from them. Its search radius is half that, within 32 blocks. That means that for the Allay to find items, you may need to follow it as well.

If the allay hears a note block, they’ll spend some time nearby, and start delivering items to the note block, giving a reason for you to place these items in their world. It’s certainly an interesting new mob, and can be very helpful in the right circumstances.