Minecraft Lush Cave Locations | How to Find

Minecraft is home to a lot of biomes for players to explore. With so many resources hidden just underneath your nose, you’re not at fault for missing out on some of the newest areas. In patch 1.18, there were quite a few biomes released for world generation. One of the most beautiful was the Lush Cave biome, a Minecraft area with glowing plants, lush grasses, and much more! However, there are so many caves in Minecraft. Where are you supposed to find lush caves?

How to Find a Lush Cave in Minecraft

How to Find a Lush Cave in Minecraft

Minecraft has a lush cave underneath any azalea trees, which are flowering trees. The flowering tree has a root system underneath it, making it very unique among trees in Minecraft. Underneath these trees there is a very high chance that a Lush Cave has spawned, offering unique resources and very visible dungeons and mine shafts. You will have to explore deep underground before finding this biome, so be patient.

Your best bet to find a cave is forested biomes. Azalea trees usually spawn in forests, but can spawn underground if there’s enough room.

Lush Caves are pretty nice. You can obtain glow berries from the hanging vines, or get Dripleaf plants, which are neat cosmetic blocks. You can also obtain Spore Blossoms, which emit soft green particles while they hang from the ceiling. These are really cool items which can be obtained with tools or your bare hand.

Otherwise, Lush Caves are just kinda cool looking. You can get moss, grass, azalea, clay, and other basic resources from here. But, the cave itself is lacking its own major resources. This should not be seen as a downside. The Lush Cave is similar to a ravine, in that you have a lot of visibility compared to a standard cave. It’s also quite pretty, making it a valid area to set up a secondary base camp. Since there’s an impressive amount of light in there already, you won’t even need to have to spend many resources.

And, you can train your own personal Axolotl here. That’s amazing! It’s worth it just for that.