Minecraft Pumpkin | How to Carve

Pumpkins have been a staple in Minecraft for over a decade now. Originally introduced with the alpha v1.2.0 Halloween Update way back in October of 2010, its utility as a block has undergone some evolution since it arrived. One of the things you can do with a Pumpkin is to carve it, so how does one go about this? It’s really easy!

How to Carve a Pumpkin in Minecraft

Carved Pumpkin Minecraft Golems

You can simply find any pumpkin in the world, and make sure you bring your shears. Pumpkins are plentiful in the overworld, easily found in biomes with lots of open grass blocks, as well as Woodland Mansions and in pillager outpost tents. There is also a small chance to find them in shipwrecks.

When you do find a pumpkin, simply use the shears on it to carve it. This is just one of the many ways to add a Carved Pumpkin to your inventory. They can also be found already in their carved state within the rail rooms in Woodland Mansions. Alternatively, they are also found on scarecrows in pillager outposts.

There’s lot of uses for the Carved Pumpkin. Besides the Jack ‘O Lantern and staying safe while observing Endermen, they can also bring life to Golems. This is quite easy as well: To make a Snow Golem, simply stack two snow blocks, then place the Carved Pumpkin on top. This works both horizontally or vertically, but whichever way you build it, the Carved Pumpkin has to be placed last or the golem won’t come to life.

For the Iron Golem, you need to place Iron Blocks in a T-shape, then a Carved Pumpkin in front of the middle piece. Just like the Snow Golem, this can work horizontally or vertically and you must place the Carved Pumpkin last. Once doing this, you will have your very own, very loyal and powerful Iron Golem.

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