Minecraft Swift Sneak Enchantment | How to Get

Minecraft‘s 1.19 update introduced a lot of new features into the game. However, aside from new mobs and points of interest, there are some new enchantments that help players sneak around some fearsome foes. That new enchantment is the Swift Sneak. And, as you may expect, it isn’t exactly easy to acquire. Here’s what you need to know to get started.

How to Get the Swift Sneak Enchantment in Minecraft

How to Get the Swift Sneak Enchantment in Minecraft

The Swift Sneak enchantment in Minecraft can’t be accessed from within the enchantment table. Instead, you’re going to have to journey underground into a new biome introduced in The Wild Update. The Swift Sneak enchantment can be found in the Ancient Cities located within the Deep Dark biome.

The Deep Dark biome is located at Y level 52. The Ancient City is located inside this biome, much like the Nether’s Nether Fortress. Its massive structures spread throughout the underground. Naturally, you’ll have to dig quite a ways to find it.

Once you reach it, you’ll discover that the city is filled with chests. If you look inside of these chests, you’ll find the Swift Sneak Enchantment. It comes in the form of an enchanted book. The next thing you’ll need to do with this book is place down an anvil. Next, using both the book and a piece of armor, you can enchant your armor to increase your sneaking speed.

As for why this is important, it comes down to the Deep Dark’s most fearsome mob, The Warden. If you’re not careful with how you move, you’ll cause a Warden to spawn. These blind enemies can sense sound, but they cannot sense sound when you’re sneaking. The Swift Sneak enchantment will increase your speed, allowing you to escape quickly without being scared by the Warden.

You can always kill a Warden, which is tough, but it buys you some time before you cause another one to respawn.