Minecraft To Launch Dungeons & Dragons DLC Soon

One of the most effective tactics to renew people’s interest in a game is to cross it over with another recognized property. You can watch this take place as Minecraft prepares to introduce a Dungeons And Dragons DLC to its universe. Although Minecraft is no stranger to campaigns and RPG elements, this is the biggest content that it’s added in quite a while. Since the whole universe of the game is built around the building, it makes sense to include the original create-your-own-story game that is still going strong after its release all those decades ago.

Minecraft and Dungeons And Dragons

The tabletop role-playing genre was looked down upon for many years following its start in 1974 with Dungeons And Dragons but has grown into an RPG empire. Minecraft shares some similarities coming from humble origins in 2009 to the powerhouse in gaming that it still is today. Now, these two are joining forces with the Minecraft Dungeons And Dragons DLC set to launch.

According to a report from Gamerant, the new content will come with an all-new campaign that will take a minimum of 10 hours to complete. It will also introduce a custom combat system which is a staple of the Dungeons And Dragons RPG formula.

Dungeons And Dragons and Minecraft have more in common than might be apparent. Both are games that look simple but are in fact incredibly complex. They are also games that drop new players into an unknown world with little guidance and expect them to learn things on their own. Of course, this means that these are two games where there’s no shame in reading up on all the guidebooks and tutorials that are available so that you know what to do. Now that the two will be combined in a video game setting, they might together become more accessible to new players curious about either or both.

Minecraft has had a number of spin-offs touching on numerous genres but is now trying to absorb a huge chunk of the tabletop RPG. It’s doing this by introducing a Dungeons And Dragons DLC that is expected to become available at some point this Spring.