Minecraft | What Do Tadpoles Eat?

Minecraft‘s new The Wild Update brought in new mobs for the player to interact with. One of these new mobs is the Tadpole. However, everyone knows that in Minecraft, feeding a mob makes it either regain health, or in the case of baby mobs, grow up. But the lack of bugs in the game removes the ability to feed flies to frogs and tadpoles. So, what exactly do tadpoles eat?

What Do Tadpoles Eat in Minecraft?

What Do Tadpoles Eat in Minecraft?

If you’re aiming to breed frogs and create tadpoles in Patch 1.19, the item you’re going to need is the Slime Ball. For some reason, Minecraft has opted to make the Slime Ball the item that frogs will consume to breed. As part of the mob’s life cycle, feeding Slimeballs to tadpoles will decrease the time required to grow into a frog by 10%.

The problem now remains, how does one find a slime? Well, there are plenty of places to find Slimes in Minecraft. The most efficient way to find a slime is by going to the Swamp biome. During the night, Slimes will spawn in the Swamp Biome. Which will grant you a good amount of Slime Balls for your frog breeding needs. This is also where frogs are found as well, making it easy to acquire both.

Another place where you can find slime balls is by finding pandas. Pandas in the jungle will occasionally sneeze, and drop a slime ball. The slime ball dropped by pandas, and the slimeball dropped by Slimes are the same, meaning that you can use it for breeding frogs, and feeding tadpoles.

The final place where you can find Slime balls is by encountering the Wandering Trader. This character will occasionally sell slime balls to the player. However, the Wandering Trader only accepts emeralds. Those can only be acquired through trading, or mining.

Tadpoles eat Slime Balls, and frogs use them to breed. While it’s not completely true-to-life, it’s just how Minecraft works.