MLB The Show 21 World Series | How To Win

The “March to October” game mode in MLB 21 The Show allows you to play through a full season with your team of choice in a matter of hours. The goal? Win the World Series, of course! That’s no easy task, though. In fact, the achievement and trophy for winning it all is the rarest in the game, though this guide should walk you through it with as little hassle as possible.

How to Win the World Series in MLB The Show 21

Ho wto win the World Series in MLB The Show 21

Getting Set Up

Before starting your March to October, head to the settings in the main menu and click “Mode-Specific.” Make the following changes to the settings:

  • ShowTime Opportunities: On
  • Player Lock Fielding Opportunities: None
  • Player Lock Baserunning Opportunities: None

Then head into the “Gameplay” settings:

  • Hitting Interface: Zone

This will make your at-bats a bit easier, as you can control where you’re swinging, not just the timing.

Apply these changes and start up “March to October.” For your easiest road to the championship, you’re going to want to choose the LA Dodgers as your team and set the difficulty to “Beginner.” The full season has 162 games, but luckily, you won’t have to play every one. It will automatically simulate the majority of them, and you will only have to play every third or fourth game or so. Of course, this means there is a bit of luck involved in that you can’t control the outcomes of the simulated games, but that’s why you chose the best team!

Regular Season

The games you do play won’t be full games. You will start in the middle of matches, which have been partially simulated, no sooner than the sixth inning and you will need to play them out. Sometimes the game is generous with the game it gives you, and sometimes it isn’t. But even with bad luck, you should still have no trouble making the playoffs. If your season goes great, you might even skip the wildcard round. You can build momentum by winning games and completing challenges in the games you do play, which will carry over into more simulated wins, so make the most of your opportunities.

As for winning these games you play, there isn’t too much to it. Stick to fastballs and vary your aim to the four corners, and make the best of your at-bats. Your “Zone” hitting interface should allow you to get some easy base hits and home runs. You’re on the easiest difficulty, so you likely won’t need much to win, but don’t be surprised if the game screws you by starting in the bottom of the ninth, down by two, with two outs, once or twice in your season. Once you have a safe lead, you can speed the games up a bit by continuously hitting bunts.


You should be able to very comfortably get 120-130 wins as the Dodgers and bypass the wildcards. Here is where the pressure is on, because if you drop a series, you’re out. If you want to play it extra safe here, you can force-quit the game to the dashboard if you think you are going to lose a game, then relaunch it. You will lose rewards by doing this, but you’ll be able to start that game over if it was going poorly. You will have to play every game of these playoff series, but only the last few innings, but just treat them as regular season games as they aren’t much harder. It’s best four of seven for each series, and you’ll need to play either three or four series (depending on if you got a bye).

After getting through the divisional and conference rounds of the playoffs, you’re on to the World Series! Same rules apply here. Quit if you really need to, but play the games as you would normally otherwise: spam fastballs and bunt when you have a decent lead. With the Dodgers, it isn’t too hard. All in all, the full season should take you five to six hours, but the achievements and trophies should come relatively easy!

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