Modern Warfare 2 | What is the Coffee Shop Safe Code?

It’s no surprise that many Calls of Duty fans are excited to play the recently released Modern Warfare 2 campaign. Since the release of the original game in 2009, fans have longed to relive a storyline that reunited them with iconic characters such as Ghost and Soap. As a result, many players have finished the second half of the game and are nearing the “Alone” mission. It’s also known as the mission with two very tempting safes to open. And we’ve got you covered with not only the coffee shop safe code, but also the second safe code. So keep reading to find out!

What is the Coffee Shop Safe Code in Modern Warfare 2?

What is the Coffee Shop Safe Code?

The coffee shop safe code for the “Alone” Mission in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is 10-10-80. You can decipher this in-game by looking at the calendar hung up over the desk, next to the safe. It has the date October 10, 2020, circled in red, with the number 40 written next to it. Indicating the person’s 40th birthday. If they are turning 40 on that date, their birth date must have been October 10, 1980. As a result, the coffee shop safe code, 10-10-80, is the person’s birthdate.

Inside the safe, you’ll find a Throwing Knife and .50 GS, which will surely help you with the mission. However, many players overlook the second safe for the “Alone” mission, which also contains some cool gear to help you complete the mission. This safe is located in the garage near the restaurant and the combination is 37-60-80. You’ll find another Throwing Knife and a Crossbow inside.

So, all you have to do is enter the code for each safe, and you’ll be walking away with some awesome gear on a mission that starts you out with none. That’s why it’s worthwhile to open these safes because if things turn sour, you’ll want more than your fist to bail you out.