Mojito The Cat Set To Release On Nintendo Switch

Some indie games are so cute that they catch the eye, and Mojito The Cat is no exception. Even better, developer GTZA Studio has a fresh announcement to share. The adorable cube-like game will finally be released for the Nintendo Switch. The game has been hanging around on Steam for some time, but now it’s making the leap to Nintendo’s hybrid handheld. We’re not quite sure when yet, but details are surely coming soon.

Mojito The Cat Game

Gtza Studio was created in 2019 for the purpose of bringing its first game to life, Mojito The Cat. Since it started development, the game has maintained a consistent online presence. The team even made plans to put a related title on Kickstarter. However, with the aid of Red Deer Games in publishing, Mojito The Cat will soon be getting a Switch version.

Like many indies, the game was initially limited to PC through platforms like Steam. The Switch release will make the game far more accessible to players who are looking for a fun, colorful, and light-hearted experience on a platform other than their computers.

With a name like Mojito The Cat, this game aims to be fairly simple to grasp. Players will take on the role of Mojito, a tabby cat with a body that is mostly a smooth cube. With such a body, Mojito can move in precise and straight lines in one of the four main directions. Players will use this ability to navigate a series of puzzling worlds that flip and turn based on Mojito’s actions. In a vein similar to Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, the puzzle levels are filled with paths to navigate up, over, and around. Of course, that’s all while trying to avoid the various hazards while collecting balls of yarn.

Mojito The Cat is Gtza Studio’s first big title and Red Deer Games is lending its support to help it have a successful release. In the future, players will finally get the chance to play with Mojito on the Nintendo Switch as well as Steam.