MHR Capture vs Kill | Which Is Best

If your goal is to bring down a monster, you have two options in Monster Hunter Rise. You can either beat it until it stops moving, or tranquilize it while it’s in a trap. If you choose the latter, you still need to get it quite low on health; you have to get it to show weakness with a Blue Skull icon below it’s portrait. But, are you supposed to capture it? We’re not playing Pokémon, after all! This guide will teach you the difference between capture vs kill, and what you should do.

When to Capture vs Kill the Monster in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise Capture vs Kill

If you have to decide between capture vs kill in Monster Hunter Rise, your Hunter’s Notes will tell you what to do. Check within your Large Monster section, and move over to Materials – make sure to choose whether you’re looking for Low or High rank drops! If the monster has a higher percent chance to drop the reward you need from capture, then capture it. Otherwise, killing the monster will get you your carve rewards.

The only big difference between capture vs kill are the rewards themselves. Most Large Monsters have rewards locked behind capturing and behind carving. So, before you head out on a hunt, check your Hunter’s Notes for the specific material that you need to gather from the monster. If the item is under carves, make sure you kill the creature. If under Capture Rewards, make sure you capture it.

During the hunt, capturing and killing a monster is around the same, in terms of resources. Capturing means you’ve spent money and resources to effectively reduce the maximum HP of the monster by 10-20%. That means less time to make mistakes, but you’re losing some of your profit in return.

Killing a monster in Monster Hunter Rise will get you about the same number of rewards on average. Capturing a monster gives three items on the reward screen; realistically, this is no different from carving, since carves give you a guaranteed three drops. If you have the Dango bonus called Dango Carver, you’ll get a chance at getting an additional carve after the hunt.

We hope this helped you choose between capturing vs killing in Monster Hunter Rise. We have a few other guides, if you have questions.