Monster Hunter Rise Dreamshell | How to Get

Of the many types of materials in Monster Hunter Rise, there always seems to be something that you’re missing. Whether you’re looking for a rare drop from a monster, or just something you’d never look for, the game can be insanely tight-fisted. One of those materials includes the Dreamshell. The Dreamshell in Monster Hunter Rise is quite hard to find, and that’s because it comes from absolutely nowhere on any map! Thankfully, there is a place that you can get Dreamshells… Even though it’s a pain in the butt!

How to Get Dreamshells in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise Dreamshell

If you’re wanting to get a Dreamshell in Monster Hunter Rise, you can get them through the Argosy Trade or randomly through two Star Hubs and three Star Village quests. Simply trade for any insect or mushroom, and there’s always a small chance of you getting a Dreamshell or two. The chance of you getting through any sort of extra reward through questing is large. Therefore, we highly suggest you sending your Argosy companions to handle the Dreamshell trade.

Dreamshells are a rare find from these quests. We suggest you find the Mushroom or Insect of your choice that you need. Then, your Palico or Palumute will find Dreamshells randomly. To increase your chance of getting these rewards, you may spend a Lagniapple or Points on Bargaining. This slightly increases your chance of extra rewards (and more standard ones!).

Dreamshells are used for a Greatsword, Gunlance, Switchaxe, and Sword and Shield. Each of these has a decent amount of sleep attack on them. You’ll need a few more Dreamshells for each upgrade, though; between six and nine total, depending on your weapon of choice!

In addition, Dreamshells can be built into armor. The Shell Studded Set is not exactly impressive but can be actually okay for a Generalist Bowgun or Generalist Bow set. It’s a decent Rarity 5 armor set if you’re willing to spend five Dreamshells on it! That’s not too bad to farm, especially since you just need Monster Hardbones and some lower-power High Rank monsters.

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