Monster Hunter Rise Meaty Hide | Where to Find

As with most RPGs, there are plenty of items in Monster Hunter Rise that players can find to upgrade their weapons. One of these is the Meaty Hide, which is dropped by Zamites. However, with a variety of different regions on the map, it can be difficult to find a Zamite and collect your hard-earned Meaty Hide.

Where to Find Meaty Hide in Monster Hunter Rise

Meaty Hide Monster Hunter Rise

Meaty Hide is dropped by Zamites, a small monster with incredibly sharp teeth. Zamites have a 38% chance of dropping a Meaty Hide and can be found roaming around Frost Islands. Specifically, Zamites tend to hang out in Regions 7, 8, 10, 11, and 12. If you haven’t reached Frost Islands yet, that’s because you’ll need to have unlocked two-star hunter quests.

Once you’ve reached Frost Islands, simply head to the regions listed above and start looking for Zamites. Odds are you’ll get a hide drop for every 2-3 Zamites you slay. Of course, you could good lucky, but statistically speaking, you’ll need to slay a handful of enemies to get a handful of hides. Luckily, they’re not too hard to kill and shouldn’t cause you too much trouble.

Thankfully, for most of the items in Monster Hunter Rise that can be crafted with a Meaty Hide, you’ll only need around two hides. But if you’re going to go through all the trouble to track down Zamites, you might as well kill a couple while you’re there and stockpile some extra materials for next time. However, it’s up to you!

Zamites are relatively easy to kill and shouldn’t be too hard to take on. So just devote a little bit of time to hunting some down and you’ll have yourself a nice lot of hides in no time! From there you can begin crafting better resources that will help you take on even the toughest of enemies! Good luck, hunter!