Monster Hunter Rise Mountshrooms | How to Get

When it comes to games with a ton of different materials to consider, Monster Hunter Rise has already dwarfed many. There are a ton of different sources of materials, so it feels like there are hidden objects around each and every corner. Because of that, Monster Hunter Rise mountshrooms have been just a headache to locate. They don’t seem to be anywhere on any map, and the game is not offering many hints. So, where do you get these mountshrooms, and is there a good way to farm them?

How to Get Mountshrooms in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise mountshrooms

In order to get mountshrooms in Monster Hunter Rise, you have to send your Meowcenaries to find them. When in the Meowcenaries menu, go to the Shrine tab, and find a path with glittering mushrooms to show rare materials. Send as many pals on that path as possible, and maybe use a Lagniapple, to guarantee your acquisition of a mountshroom.

Mountshrooms are used for the Chaos set of weapons and armor. You need between one and two shrooms per weapon or armor piece that you’re looking for. The weapons are poison weapons with appreciable power, though not exactly special in terms of poison weapons. The Chaos armor is a fairly unique Rarity 2 armor which grants Mushroomancer and… not much else. The armor set is certainly less impressive than the weapons!

Is there a good way to farm the mountshrooms? Well, if you’re looking for specifically these little mushrooms, then you’re going to want to constantly send Meowcenaries to the Shrine Ruins. Check for the sparkling mushrooms in the paths to see where you need to go. Then, send your best buddies and use lagniapples to get the highest number of mountshrooms! If you want to maximize your production at the cost of some resource, you can recall your Meowcenaries once they get past the mushroom tile in their path. If you choose to do this, you may not wish to spend your lagniapple.

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