Monster Hunter Rise Nargacuga Marrow | How to Get

Monster Hunter Rise might be streamlined compared to earlier games, but there are still some classic MH tricks here. For instance, your hunter must be miserable at carving a monster, because they leave the best parts behind all of the time! The Nargacuga Marrow is an important material in Monster Hunter Rise as it is needed for many Nargacuga weapons. And Nargacuga weapons are spectacular, boasting high attack and sharpness! If you’re wondering whether you’re doing something wrong during your hunts, then we’ve got some bad news for you.

How to Get Nargacuga Marrow in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise Nargacuga Marrow

Nargacuga Marrow is the rarest drop that a wild Nargacuga can have. It is a 7% chance to get at the end of a mission, a 3% chance per capture reward, and a 12% chance whenever you carve. To maximize your chance of acquiring the Marrow, make sure to cut off the tail and get all carves. Capturing the Nargacuga reduces your chance that you get the Marrow.

Sadly, all that there is to do is keep farming the creature. It is annoying, but you will get a few Marrow at some point. Thankfully, the maximum number you need for a weapon is 2. That means you only need to get lucky a few times before you have enough Marrow to make your weapons.

If you want to maximize your chance of getting Marrow, you will want to get Dango Carver (Hi or Lo) or Dango Miracle Worker. Carver will give you a chance of getting an extra carve on the tail or body. Miracle Worker will just give you a handful of rewards. As long as you’re confident in your skills, you can lose 1 of your 3 food buffs for this farming buff to make your life easier.

You can also acquire the Great Luck skill through some armor pieces. This is not recommended as the armor with Great Luck tends to be less optimal. However, if you need the Marrow, then you can get some luck with items like the Utushi/Medium set, the Brigade Waist, and… The Gargwa mask.