Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Caked Stiff Bone | How to Get

With the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion finally released, we’re back on the grind! Getting back into the game can be quite confusing, with a lot of different items located in different parts of the game. Master Rank still requires some basic bone farming and mining! So, if you’re still looking for the Caked Stiff Bone in Monster Hunter Rise, we don’t blame you!

How to Get Caked Stiff Bone in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

How to Get Caked Stiff Bone in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

The Caked Stiff Bone in Monster Hunter Rise is a Master Rank collectible from bonepiles in the Flooded Forest. These items are unique to the Flooded Forest, so you’ll need to farm the bonepiles on that map if you want to collect them. There is also a small chance that you will automatically collect a few from simply completing a quest in the Flooded Forest.

As long as you are in Master Rank, the Flooded Forest bonepiles should provide a handful of these every time. That being said… There are three bonepiles in the Flooded Forest. They are in three northern areas; the top island of 7, 11, and 13. That’s it. Those are your only opportunities to farm bones.

So, you will want to make the most out of them! Make sure you are bringing Geologist 3 so you can get additional bones. If you need them badly, you can go on an Expedition that has an Upsurge of Bonepiles in the Flooded Forest to maximize your rate of drop. You can also eat Dango Harvester, a daily option, which will allow these three points to respawn much faster.

Caked Stiff Bones are used in a few recipes, but none are as hyped as the Heavy Knight Set. This armor is perfect for very safe and defensive Chargeblade and Gunlance sets, and require two Caked Stiff Bones to craft…. Assuming you want every piece of it, that is!

There is a lot to do now that Master Rank is out! Hopefully, this helped you find some caked stiffbones so you can make the Gunlance set of your dreams! Alternatively, you can check out our guides on other master rank staples, like Twisted Stiff Bones or the Timeworn Crimson Horn.