Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Twisted Stiff Bone | How to Get

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is here, and oh boy are we excited to try out some of these new weapons and armor sets! Rise is already a great game, so getting more of it is always nice. But, as expected, the first few days of gathering items is a massive headache. Bones are scattered across seven entire maps now, and they’re all frustrating to get. The twisted stiff bone is one of these generically named bone items in Monster Hunter Rise. So, if you’re struggling to find where it is, we don’t blame you!

How to Get Twisted Stiff Bone in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Twisted Stiff Bone

The twisted stiff bone is a Master Rank-only bone drop from bone piles in the Shrine Ruins map of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. This item can drop x1 from these bone piles, or x3 during a Bone Pile Upsurge during expeditions. This item is used in many low-level armor lists, and in fairly decent pieces of these sets as well!

Twisted stiff bones are best farmed from bone piles in the Shrine Ruins. These bone piles are shown on the mini-map when you open your Item menu, usually accessed using LB. However, quests that go to the Shrine Ruins can occasionally hand them over as rewards.

If you want a huge number of them, check Master Rank expeditions. Tab over to the page that says “Upsurge,” and see if the Shrine Ruins have a Bone Pile upsurge. If it does, you will gain triple the bone rewards from bone piles! This is the perfect time to farm this region-specific item.

Twisted stiff bones are used for low level armors like Bone, Melahoa, and Arzuros. We recommend the Bone Coil for its excellent skills early on. Thankfully, no singular piece of armor needs too many bones. The maximum you’ll need is 2, so you won’t need to kill yourself grinding!

But, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a ton to do already in Rise and Sunbreak! Whether you’re brand new or a returning veteran, we have some guides to help you settle into Sunbreak with item locations and descriptions.