Monster Hunter Rise Voice Chat | Can You Talk to Friends?

Monster Hunter Rise has already made a splash amongst the Switch community. Monster Hunter is a very engaging experience with friends, so it is a perfect multiplayer game for an afternoon of hunting monsters. However, without voice chat, is any multiplayer game really complete? Talking with your friends online can be one of the most fun experiences you can have with the game. Unlike Monster Hunter World, however, this game isn’t quite out on PC. Is Monster Hunter Rise voice chat a thing?

Does Monster Hunter Rise Have Voice Chat?

Voice Chat

No, there is no Monster Hunter Rise voice chat capabilities, as the Switch itself does not natively have any voice chat options. It would be difficult to add a voice function to a game on a system that doesn’t support it. Thus, your best option to talk with your friends while playing Rise is to use other systems and get a bit creative with things, such as using the Nintendo Switch Online app.

Unfortunately, the current Switch system just doesn’t really support voice coms. This means that developers have to create other solutions, such as requiring players to get a USB microphone for their Switch. This can be a bit awkward, and often not worth the time.

The Nintendo Switch Online app offers voice-chat that works well with online services. When you join a lobby, you can talk with your friends in your application. Nice and simple! Except for the fact that you… Might have trouble hearing them. That’s two separate systems!

And that’s kind of the best method to do this on Switch. You’ll have to split your audio between the game and your other device, be it a phone or a computer. We suggest getting an audio cable splitter of some kind to attach to your computer, Switch, and headset to allow for best sound and least over-call distraction. No matter what, you’ll need to have some way to hear from your computer or phone and your Switch at the same time, if you want to hear this beautiful game.