Monster Hunter Rise Well-Done Steak | How to Cook

Monster Hunter Rise is primarily about taking down massive creatures to gather their materials. However, sometimes, it’s also about the little enjoyments in life. And one of those enjoyments is the feeling of eating – or even just cooking – the tastiest steak you’ve ever seen. The Well-Done Steak in Monster Hunter Rise might not be required to beat the game or make good armor, but it is important for your hunter’s stomach, and for a side quest or two. If you’re having trouble finding out where you cook it, we have you covered.

How to Cook Well-Done Steak in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise well-done steak

To make a Well-Done Steak in Monster Hunter Rise, you can either give it to the Dango shop using the Motley Mix menu or cook it yourself on a meat spit. If you choose the Dango shop, simply give the chef Raw Meat or Monster Tails, and you’ll get Well-Done Steak. If you do it yourself, head into a map and choose the BBQ Spit. Wait for the music cue to finish, wait for the meat to turn one shade darker, and then presto! You’ve made Well-Done steak out in the field.

Cooking it in the Motley Mix requires points or money, but it’s guaranteed to give you good steak. It also can be done with multiple resources at a time! That’s just time-efficient. Out on the field, it takes longer, but no additional resources. And if you do it right, the sound effects are just music to the ears! All about enjoyment over time investment.

Well-Done Steak is required for Fugen’s questline, granting you ten potions and letting you keep working for the excitable giant. If you eat the steak yourself, then you get to benefit from a massive boost in Stamina, and it’ll last for longer than Rations do.

Either way, Well-Done Steak will be important on your journey. Especially if you don’t want to worry about chowing down on rations quite as much during your hunts!

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