Monster Hunter Rise | Where to Find Malachite Ore

To say that Monster Hunter Rise has a ton of materials to collect is an understatement. Because there are hundreds of things to find, you might constantly search for something specific. However, there are a few things that are core to most weapons early on. One of these things is the Malachite Ore. This material is critical for inching your way from Rarity 2 to Rarity 3 weapons, and thus is important to locate. So, where do you find Malachite Ore? And what’s the best way to farm for it?

Where to Find Malachite Ore Locations in Monster Hunter Rise

Where to Find Malachite Ore Locations in Monster Hunter Rise

Malachite Ore can be found in the final three areas of Monster Hunter Rise – Sandy Plains, Flooded Forest, and Lava Caverns – as well as the first two areas (Shrine Ruins and Flooded Forest) on High Rank. You are significantly more likely to find Malachite Ore in Flooded Forest and Lava Caverns than any other map, with Lava Caverns having the highest chance of getting the material. You can also find it as a rare drop from some ore-based monsters, such as Gravios and Bathalmos.

By a huge margin, the best location to farm Malachite Ore is in the Lava Caverns. If you don’t know where to go, open your map and hit your bumper until you swap to the “Gathering Locations” tab. If you see a blue icon with a question mark that looks like a mining node, then you should head there! Each Blue Rarity mining node can give you up to three or even four Malachite Ore.

You can technically get this ore on any map, and even by fighting! Once you get to High Rank, exploring any map’s blue and white Ore Spawns will get you a fine handful. However, low rank Lava Caverns is an absurdly quick way to get the Malachite you’re looking for, and we highly recommend doing your rounds there before any other method.

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