Monster Hunter Stories 2 Character Creation | How to Build

The full version of Monster Hunter Stories 2 is finally here. With much anticipation, players are looking forward to building a new character in the fantastical world of large creatures. Featuring a new crew of characters that will fight by your side, the game’s character creation allows the player to make a new Rider. If you need a quick guide for creating a character, keep reading onward for some tips.

How Does Character Creation Work in Monster Hunter Stories 2?

Monster Hunter Stories 2 character creation screen

With the full release of Monster Hunter Riser 2, you can move on from your character during the demo to an entirely new protagonist. All you have to do is start the game up and initiate a New Game. Doing so will bring you to the Edit Rider screen, with a choice to pick either a male or female protagonist. Picking either one will then transport you to the character creation editing screen, where you can change up the character’s appearance to your heart’s content. You can then rotate the character until you’re satisfied with your changes.

While editing your rider, the character creation will provide several options to re-shape the hero/heroine. The editing sections are as follows: Face Shape, Skin, Hairstyle, Eyes, Mouth, Makeup, Voice, and Name. Each section will have different presentations of personality, so customizing them how you want your character to look is truly up to you. You can also change their expressions during the Face Shape, Hairstyle, Eyes, Mouth, and Makeup sections.

Once you’re content, you can set your button on OK to have a full glance at your character by rotating them. In addition to the showcasing, you can see how they’ll look with head armor toggling on and off. They can even perform a few actions to see how they twist and move. When you’re ready to roll, confirm your changes, and the narrative will then commence.

If you linked any saved data from previous Monster Hunter Rise playthroughs, a notification will pop up right before the character creation screen. This little bonus will be a Kamura Garb, which can be used for later purposes. Alternatively, if you did play the demo, you do have the choice to transfer that data. That will be in the main menu under Transfer from the Demo. The game will ask if you’d like to either resume your previous gameplay or start over from the beginning.

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