Monster Hunter Stories 2 Kelbi Horn | How to Get

As you journey through Monster Hunter Stories 2, you might find that some encounters can get deadly. Occasionally, the game expects you to spend Heart Churros and more to recover your hearts. It’s important to be ready for these big fights that can spend your resources! The strongest healing item in the game – the Ancient Potion – needs a Kelbi Horn to craft. If you want to learn how to find this material in Monster Hunter Stories 2, our guide will help you out!

How to Get a Kelbi Horn in Monster Hunter Stories 2

How to get Kelbi Horn in Monster Hunter Stories 2

If you want to get a Kelbi Horn, or a couple, you’re going to need to either farm them in North Hakolo Island or wait for expeditions. There are two Kelbi spawns near the Mahana village entrance; if you scare them away, you can sometimes pick up a Kelbi Horn from them. After you beat the main story of the game, you can send Monsties on an expedition to the Forbidden Grounds of Hakolo Island. This expedition will rarely bring back Kelbi Horns, so that will get you Kelbi Horns quickly.

Early on, your only option is to scare off Kelbi. Because Horns are a rare spawn from them, you may need to scare off many different Kelbi to get what you want. Make sure you use Gathering Charms to increase your rate of collecting rare items.

After you beat the main story, you can farm in High Rank areas. Hakolo Island – Fbn. Grounds will grant you a ton of Kelbi Horns, as long as you bring the correct Monsties for the job. Water, Lightning, and Dragon Monsties will increase your chance to succeed on these hard expeditions. They will also increase your chance to get rare items! Make sure to set the Instructions to “Thorough” or “Treasure Hunter” if you want to get a lot of Kelbi Horns!

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