Monster Hunter Stories 2 Monoblos | Where to Find

The Monoblos, a one-horned Diablos-type creature, is a rarity in Monster Hunter titles. In the mainline series, it is the introduction to the charging Herbivore archetype, and does good damage for it’s rank. So, its inclusion in Monster Hunter Stories 2 makes sense. However, if you want to maximize the usefulness of Monoblos, then the Royal one will be very, very useful to you. Here’s a look at where it is located, and the best ways to get the Monstie version of this powerful herbivore.

Where to Find Monoblos in Monster Hunter Stories 2

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Monoblos

In order to find Monoblos – more specifically the Royal Monoblos – you need to get to Harzgai Hill. This occurs relatively early in the game, not long after the Royal Tigrex. Once you locate it, you can cause it to retreat with Paintballs, paralysis, and using the Sword and Shield. Afterward, follow it to its den and dig up its egg to get your One-Horned Monstie.

The Monoblos, like most Royal Creatures, is no pushover. It’s recommended to take it on with a Buddy by your side, and to use its weakness. The Sword and Shield will be your best friend, and using good Head-on-Head tactics will be critical to keeping your health and hearts high.

If it wipes your party, that’s okay! Come back later — like right before you leave the area — and you’ll take it out no problem. We recommend fighting it once it doesn’t one-shot your party, so you can reap the benefits of the high-damaging early game monster.

Monoblos has a returning deviant version: White Monoblos. This creature is in Lamure, which is much later in the game. Go to the Jalma Highlands, and you’ll find a hunt that you can really have a fight against!

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin brings a lot of old monsters back to form on the Switch and PC. Whether you’re an old or new fan of the franchise, the simple combat and rewarding crafting can hook in anyone who gets a kick out of turn-based RPGs. Even better, there’s a trial on the Switch and PC! Give it a try, then check out some of our other articles on this sweet game: