Multiversus Doubles Milestone, Reaches 20 Million Players

It’s always impressive whenever a game reaches an important moment in development and releases, which a big name has just recently achieved. The new smash-like game Multiversus has been breaking records since it first appeared on the scene and has reached a new one due to player count. The game involving a number of Warner Bros. related properties has been growing in popularity since it became accessible through demos and betas. As the game continues to grow in terms of design and gameplay, the competitive aspect is here to stay as more and more players join in to compete.

The Multiversus Player Count

Warner Bros. has already had years to establish themselves as the name behind numerous films and cartoons. Although games are not new to them, they made a big step into the competitive world with Multiversus. Containing a lot of their recognizable properties, many players were drawn to the game whenever they could get access to it. It has already grown in terms of competition in its beta stage, true. However, it now has surpassed over 20 million players as it enters Season One of its competition. This opens it up to a number of opportunities as time goes on.

The main element behind a smash-like game is the idea to put a number of characters from different universes into one place to fight it out. Since Warner Bros. has a huge repertoire to choose from, they weren’t short on the number of recognizable characters they could have to participate. With Multiversus, there are so many stylistic and realistic entities that can fight amongst themselves or team up to establish dominance. Due to recognition, the audience for such a game is so expansive that it’s accessible to almost anyone from the oldest to the youngest players.

Since Multiversus is still coming out of the gate with season one, there is much room for growth but players are already liking where things are at right now. After gaining millions of players during the beta form of the test, it’s not surprising that the game has already reached 20 million and is likely to keep growing.