MultiVersus | Is There Voice Chat?

Whenever you’re on the battlefield in MultiVersus, you’re bound to shout something out. Evidently, when it comes to video gaming, talking to your friends becomes part of the experience. Perhaps there’s even a little trash talking when something goes horribly wrong, but that’s beside the point. We’re here to answer the dire question: Is there voice chat in MultiVersus? Keep reading to find out!

Does MultiVersus Have Voice Chat?

Does MultiVersus Have Voice Chat

Unfortunately, MultiVersus does not have voice chat. The game doesn’t even feature any personalized messaging for players to interact with each other. The only way to digitally communicate with your friends in MultiVersus is the usual way: third-party voice chat apps. In other words, you’ll have to use apps like Discord to stay in touch while playing as your favorite WB characters.

Given the fact that the game aims for younger audiences, the choice to omit voice chat might make a little more sense. Online play can’t always be a pleasant experience since anyone can hop onto the servers and start verbally bashing away. It’s a free-to-play title, so there’s no telling who might potentially cyberbully who. Avoiding trouble altogether seems to be the ultimate reason why there’s no voice chat.

To emphasize these points, we took a peek through the settings of the game to see which audio configurations were possible. Initially, it was easy to notice the absence of any voice chat options. However, there is one certain setting that stood out to us. Go to your Settings after booting up the game then proceed to the Audio/Language section. Next, scroll down to the Language subsection to find the “Mature Language” option. If you hover over this setting, a text will read: “Ask your parents before turning on”. Then, upon toggling the language configuration, it’ll ask if you’re sure.

We don’t exactly know what “mature language” entitles to in MultiVersus, by the way. It might suggest some mild words in lieu of harsh expletives, or it could feature some brooding dialogue from certain notable characters (such as Batman and Arya Stark). In the meantime, you always taunt and toast your friends and opponents!