Multiversus Is Trying Everything By Possibly Adding Big Chungus

Memes are the most unpredictable form of internet comedy, and now they appear to be invading legitimate products. As Multiversus continues to rise the ranks of gaming popularity, they’re adding in more characters including memes like Big Chungus. That’s right, the developers are considering adding in an inflated Bugs Bunny born out of the internet. Considering that Bugs Bunny is a property of Warner Bros. this isn’t too far-fetched of a decision. But this addition may mean that the internet and game development may be getting even more closely tied together.

Big Chungus In Multiversus

The Multiversus audience has only continued to grow since the game entered beta and hurtled towards its first competitive season. During this time, the game has continued to add numerous characters that are connected to Warner Bros. in some way. One of the most recent additions was the forever-in-puberty teen Morty from Rick And Morty. Now, the game is toying with the idea of including a meme character called Big Chungus. The character is a version of Bugs Bunny from a very specific cartoon, giving Warner Bros. legal ownership of it. However, there’s no idea how this will affect the gaming community or how the character will play.

Memes can come out of nowhere and that may be how it should be. Looking up the history of Big Chungus reveals a very convoluted history. To sum up, the word “Chungus” supposedly was made up by journalist Jim Sterling as a nonsense word to reference whatever he wanted. From there, it was submitted to Urban Dictionary where it was eventually used by a Second Life player to name their character with the addition of “big”. From there, though pure coincidence, a Reddit user named GaryTheTaco combined that username with an image of a rotund Bugs Bunny to create a gag cover for a PS4 game called “Big Chungus.” It has since spread across the internet to such acclaim that Warner Bros. picked up on it.

Multiversus is following the Smash Bros. route of including as many characters as they can get away with, but they may be crossing the line by going after memes. Soon, players may have the joy of playing as Big Chungus, and may the powers that be have mercy on us all.