My Time At Sandrock | How to Upgrade Tools

My Time at Sandrock is an early access survival game title as of June 2022. Like many of its genre, progress is a necessity. You need to do everything in your power to get to the next step if you want to do anything in the game. Right now, even this early on, My Time at Sandrock epitomizes that effect by having two levels of tool upgrade. If you’re wondering how to upgrade your tools in this early access title, we can help guide your way!

How to Upgrade Tools in My Time At Sandrock

How to Upgrade Tools in My Time At Sandrock

In order to begin upgrading tools, you’re going to need a Bronze Axe and Bronze Pickhammer. These are the tools you’re going to upgrade to Iron in the future. To make this pair, take your stone tools and gather the following resources:

  • Four Bronze Bars. Smelted from Copper and Tin Ore, which is easily found in the Eufaula Savage Ruins. Alternatively, you can purchase it from the Hammer Time Shop.
  • One Sharpening Stone. Purchasable from Hammer Time.
  • Two Wooden Sticks. Three pieces of wood at the workbench.
  • Two Copper Screws. Workbench or Hammer Time.

Once you have these resources, throw them together at a basic or improved workbench.

After that, you’ll need to upgrade to Iron Tools. By far the most important part of Iron tools are steel bars. These can be discovered in the Gecko Station Ruins.

The Gecko Station Ruins also has the Manganese Ore that you will need for the Civil Furnace. The Civil Furnace is required to smelt the Steel Bars that you need for the pickaxe. You’ll also need the Intermediate Worktable in order to construct your newest toolset. This will require some upgrades which you can find at the top left of the screen.

Finally, you’ll need to turn Hard Wood into Hardwood Sticks at a processor.

Right now, iron is the final level of tools available in the game. That shouldn’t stop you from having stuff to do, though. There are a ton of building goals that you can already accomplish, despite the game being pretty early on in development! You can check out our Preview to see if the game is worth playing to its current “endgame,” as well as see our other indie games like it in our May 2022 indie game overview.