Naughty Dog Teases The Last of Us Multiplayer Game Concept Art

The bigger a game series gets, the more likely they are to explore different types of gameplay. That’s precisely what’s happening for one notable title. The post-apocalyptic story The Last of Us is getting a multiplayer entry based on some recent details from Naughty Dog. The studio has released concept art showing locations players will be able to visit. The details also include a rough description of what sort of game players can expect.

The Last of Us Multiplayer Game

The Last of Us Multiplayer

Naughty Dog caught everyone by surprise with the serious and emotional post-apocalyptic journey The Last of Us. The game swept numerous awards as it gathered praise from players and critics alike. Now, the team is now working on a multiplayer game for the series.

Though The Last of Us games have possessed online components, they have always been single-player-focused. The goal was to allow individuals to fully immerse themselves in the game and its narrative. However, multiplayer wasn’t entirely off the table. As mentioned by IGN, Naughty Dog’s co-chairman has reaffirmed that the new entry “will still be a game rich in story and character” despite it being a multiplayer game at its core.

Zombie games had flooded the market by the time The Last of Us came out. Still, it managed to provide a unique and impactful take on the concept. The series is set in a world ravaged by a spore-based parasite that turns humans into mindless and violent predators. It begins 20 years after the initial outbreak and follows the relationship between Joel and Ellie, the latter being a young woman who is immune to the spores. The series has since shifted to focus more on Ellie. For now, it’s still unclear what kind of role she will play in the unnamed multiplayer title.

The Last of Us is spreading across media, including having a television show in the works. With the possibility of a rusty cruise ship from the concept art and the promise of another enriching experience, it’s safe to say that many can’t wait to play The Last of Us multiplayer game.