NBA 2K22 Badges | What Does Each One Do?

If you’re planning on picking up NBA 2K22, then you might have noticed the new entry’s expansions of the Badge system. In previous entries, there were 63 Badges you could use to alter your player’s attributes, from free-throw ability to dribbling boosts. With NBA 2K22, there are 17 brand-new badges in the game – and we’ve got details on what they all do.

What do the NBA 2K22 Badges Do? 

What do the NBA 2K22 Badges do?

Below is a list of all the new NBA 2K22 Badges and what boost they provide.

  • Fast Twitch – Stand up faster after a dunk or layup
  • Grace Under Pressure – Better standing layup ability
  • Limitless Takeoff – Higher dunk jumping
  • Mouse in the House – Makes it easier for tall players to score over small players
  • Unstrippable – Harder for defenders to steal the ball during shots
  • Chef – Better deep three-pointer ability
  • Lucky #7 – More chance of scoring shots early during the counter
  • Mismatch Expert – Makes it easier for small players to shoot over tall players
  • Glue Hands – Make more difficult catches
  • Hyperdrive – Faster dribbling
  • Quick Chain – Easier to chain together skill moves
  • Post Playmaker – Increases shooting and movement in the post
  • Triple Threat Juke – Increased stats for jukes, fake shots and other skills
  • Ball Stripper – Easier to steal the ball from opponents
  • Hustler – Better chances during 50/50s
  • Menace – When smothering an opponent, greatly reduces their offensive stats

As you can see, there are plenty of new Badges here. In the dev post confirming the new Badges, 2K also promised upgrades to existing Badges. We don’t know what they’ll be yet, but it’ll likely follow trends around shooting and dribbling seen here. There’s also good news for previous-gen players, as it’s confirmed that all 80 Badges will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

It’ll take lots of hours to figure out which Badges best compliment your MyPLAYER character. However, the new inclusions are bound to make it an enjoyable journey.