NBA 2K22 Barber Shop | How to Change Hairstyle

Those who are looking into how to change your hairstyle in NBA 2K22 won’t have to dig deep. It’s almost instantaneous, and the barber who provides your first cut can be found near the cruise ship. There are only a couple of steps to follow, so keep reading on to see how you can alter your hairstyle.

NBA 2K22 Barber Shop Location

NBA 2K22 Barber shop location for hairstyle change

First and foremost, if you need to pay a visit to the Barber Shop, you won’t need to travel far. The Shop is owned by Doc, who will provide your first cut for the storyline. To visit the barber again, board the Cancha Del Mar cruise ship, then make your way to the Bow Elevator while passing by the basketball courts. Here, you’ll activate the elevator to see all the accessible decks. Select Deck 4, which will give you give you exits for the Promenade, Lobby, and The Rec.

The Front exit holds the Promenade, with the Rear exit featuring both the Lobby and The REC locations. Pick the Rear to load into the Lobby. As soon as you step off the elevator into the Lobby, you’ll see Doc’s Barber Shop located just to your right. It’ll be next to the En Route store. Additionally, the Lobby will provide access to The REC, My Team management, and VC endorsement checks via the front desk services.

How to Change Your Hairstyle

NBA 2K22 How to Change Hairstyle Menu

If you’re looking to merely change your hairstyle without going to the Doc, you do so by going through the menu. Go to the MyPlayer tab and select Appearance. Scroll over to the next Appearance tab to where the game will bring you to the customization page. Press Edit Head to alter your Hair from the head features. Here, you will see all of the different presets to choose from, and there is a lot for this year.

Along with each hair preset, there are also individual modifications that the player can mess around with to really stylize their character. While not every hairstyle features several modifications, there are plenty that allows you to alter the hair’s color, length, pattern, etc. Be sure to scroll through your favorite ones to see what can be changed and vice versa.

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