NBA 2K22 | How to Take Your Shirt Off

When you’re establishing a reputation in NBA 2K22, you might want to show off more than just your skills. The game allows the player to trick out their characters with multiple accessories and wardrobe changes. One such feature is the inclusion of tattoos, and there are certainly a few cool ones that the stores have in stock. And naturally, the best way to show the crowd your ink is by taking off your shirt. It’s pretty simple to do, so keep reading onward to see how you can take your shirt off in the game.

How to Take Your Shirt Off in NBA 2K22

NBA 2K22 How to Take your shirt off

Before you can take your shirt off in NBA 2K22, you need to complete the “Take Your Shirt Off” side quest given by ATM. The quest only requires you to play 25 2v2 matches, and it doesn’t matter if you win or lose. Simply go to any 2v2 court within the city and work out your moves until you finish 25 games.

Once the 25 matches are done and over with, you’ll unlock the ability to take your shirt off. To go shirtless, select the MyPlayer tab from the MyCareer menu to find the Appearance tab. When you go into Appearance, head to The City tab, then pick Top. The option to go shirtless will be there.

Before an update changed the way you unlock the shirtless feature, you’d have to visit an NPC named Heather. She would eventually provide the “Don’t Forget Sunscreen” side quest that required the player to complete five park games in a row through five different times. Now, you can quickly do so by playing the 2v2 games until you hit match 25.

In addition to being able to take your shirt off, completing the ATM side quest will also reward you with 1,000 MVP points. This is just one of the big City quests that don’t require serious gameplay or hours of grinding. Depending on how swift you are with a basketball, you can easily complete “Take Your Shirt Off” within a day or two. It’s definitely worth it if you’re spending your money on tattoos that aren’t visible tucked under jerseys.

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