NBA 2K23 Charles Barkley | Will He Be In the Game?

The NBA 2K series is the go-to sports game for basketball fans, and the latest entry, NBA 2K23, is bringing a lot of hype with the Jordan Challenge. This mode allows players to relive Michael Jordan’s greatest moments from his career. Naturally, playing as the NBA’s legend is certainly exciting. However, it raises the question of whether other notable NBA legends, such as Charles Barkley, will be included. We have the answer to that question right below, so keep reading to find out.

Will Charles Barkley Be in NBA 2K23?

Will Charles Barkley Be in NBA 2K23

Charles Barkley is not currently featured in NBA 2K23. However, that could always change at a later date. Charles Barkley doesn’t agree with the fact that 2K Games does not compensate for using retired players, which is why he isn’t in the latest NBA 2K game. He’s stated that he will not appear in an NBA 2K game unless he is paid.

Charles Barkley believes that all retired players should be compensated for their appearances in 2K games. After all, retired players would be able to use that compensation to live comfortably for the rest of their lives. Barkley has pushed for this not just with 2K Games, but with the NBA as well. On the other hand, the NBA announced publicly that it has decided to pay all former ABA (American Basketball Association) players a whopping $24.5 million to assist with their retirement. This is what Charles Barkley has been fighting for, and a step in the right direction.

This move by the NBA may persuade Charles Barkley and other notable NBA legends who have been absent to agree to play. Since then, Barkley hasn’t announced to change his standing. However, if 2K Games offers a similar incentive, it is almost a guarantee that the Hall of Fame athlete will appear on our screens.

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