NBA 2K23 Player Lock | How to Use

Every now and then, while playing NBA, you just wish that you could control one character. Thankfully, NBA 2K23 does include the popular player lock feature. This is perfect for game modes where you have a lot to look after, like MyNBA. If you’re wondering how this setting works, and how to get it in the first place, you’re not alone! Thankfully, we have you covered.

How to Use Player Lock in NBA 2K23

How to Use Player Lock in NBA 2K23

In order to activate Player Lock in NBA 2K23, you have to be in a mode that allows it, such as MyNBA. Hit B or Circle on your controller while on the main menu of one of these worlds, hit Options, go to Settings, and then go to Position. This will let you see the Player Lock, allowing you to choose the player to control. You can also activate Position Lock here, which will let you always play your favorite position.

This feature is, unfortunately, only available in single-player modes. This will let you play your created character, and only that character, in MyNBA. However, you cannot activate Player Lock in standard modes.

All Player Lock does is have the AI take over the rest of your team while you choose a single character. That’s your guy, and you’ll never have to play someone other than them. This can lead to your AI partners doing something silly, so make sure your Lock is on a player with the stats to back up their performance.

However, player lock can be a bit strange… Because if you get benched, then the game continues without you!

Position lock is a little different. This will have you choose a single position and keep on that the entire game. This means that the game can progress smoothly, with players being benched, without your lock getting interrupted. You’ll play more players, but the AI will still control the rest of your team.

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