NBA 2K23 Prelude Release Date | When Does It Come Out?

Prior to each annual release, NBA 2K players have one special thing to look forward to: the prelude. Functioning as a small demo, it’s the first chance most players get to try out the game and decide whether to purchase the new entry or not. With NBA 2K23 on the horizon, there’s one question on fans’ minds: When is the prelude release date?

When is the NBA 2K23 Prelude Release Date?

When is the NBA 2K23 Prelude Release Date?

At the time of writing, there is no NBA 2K23 prelude release date. In fact, 2K Games has yet to even confirm the existence of a prelude this year, meaning it may never come out at all. Given the full game releases on September 8, time is running out for a demo to launch.

Yes, as of right now it doesn’t appear that an NBA 2K23 demo is incoming. Previous demos for NBA 2K games tended to release in early to mid-August, but we’re already there without any sign of it ever arriving. As such, it seems most likely that there won’t be one this year.

That isn’t too much of a surprise though. The most recent entry, NBA 2K22, also released without a demo beforehand. 2K Games pinned this down to the required workload to make bespoke versions for previous-gen and current consoles. Given this latest entry is also releasing on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One alongside newer systems, the deal is probably the same.

It’s certainly a shame for dedicated NBA 2K fans looking for an early glimpse at this year’s game. Annual demos in other sports games were always a handy way to see whether there are substantial enough changes to warrant the purchase. However, with other sports games like FIFA also moving away from pre-release demos, this appears to be becoming the new normal.

Therefore, don’t hold your breath for an NBA 2K23 prelude release date. Sadly, the chances are that there won’t be one at all.