NBA 2K23 Shot Meter | How to Change

The jump shot meter in NBA 2K23 is a very useful tool for new and old players alike. It provides a guide to help you know when you’re supposed to release the ball. Despite that, it can sometimes get in the way, and often the animations are enough to help get your timing correct. So, if you don’t care for this mechanic, is there a way to get it off of your screen? Thankfully, there are several ways to adjust this mechanic.

How to Change Shot Meter in NBA 2K23

How to Change Shot Meter in NBA 2K23

In order to change the Jump Shot meter, head into your options and get into Gameplay Animations through the Animation menu. From here, you can go to the Gameplay Effects tab. In this tab, use the triggers to go to the Jump Shot Meter section. Here, you can select where you can place the graphic by highlighting it. If you want to remove the meter, go to your Controller Settings in the Options menu and turn the “Shot Meter” option to off or to whatever option you’d prefer.

Meters are also rewards. In the menu, you can choose any of the meters that you’ve already unlocked. But, meters can be found in many different places; as campaign rewards, season pass options, etc. If you’re wanting a good look for your shots, then you might need to farm some XP or play in certain events. If you like the look of these unlocks, you can change to them in Gameplay Effects.

For some reason, turning off the option entirely is under Controller Settings. This option actually has quite a few different choices, such as guaranteeing that it is only for the Pro Stick. Controller Settings is also where you’ll find options for shot timing, free throw timing, and how you want your Pro Stick to function. This is a great menu to go through if you’re frustrated with how the game feels.

That’s not all to 2K23, either! Here’s a guide or three to some other aspects of the game.