New Halo Infinite Weapons, Vehicles, and Enemies Revealed

With its late 2021 release date edging closer, developer Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries has unveiled new weapons, vehicles, and enemies that are headed to the newest installment of the franchise. The reveals were announced via a post on the official Halo site, promising more detailed info in the coming months.

The first reveal was of the new enemy type, the Sangheili, some of the grunts you’ll face as Master Chief. This comes after a previous post introduced their leader, Jega ‘Rdomnai. They’re set to pose a threat when fighting on their home planet, Zeta Halo, with black armor and imposing hammers. They fight alongside the Banished, set to be Halo Infinite’s main antagonists. They are a group of former Covenant alien rebels, and with 343 revealing their soldiers, it won’t be long until we learn more about them.

Next up, the blog post showed fans a new weapon, called the Scrap Cannon. Shaped like a submachine gun, its function is very different. It’s the Sangheili Brutes’ weapon of choice, labeled a “deadly and detachable damage-dealer” due to its replaceable grip. Alongside this, the post gave a glimpse of the Razorback, a new type of vehicle. The Marines use them as a “more spacious and robust cousin” of the famous Warthog vehicle. And fret not, as they guarantee it’s “perfect for crashing Banished house parties.”

The rest of the post delves into deeper Halo lore, with details on the upcoming novel Point of Light, and a comic adaption of the original Halo game. This is just enough to tide fans over as the wait for some Infinite gameplay continues. GameSpot reports that a reveal event is due this summer, but until then, all we have to go off is the Holiday 2021 release date.

When it does drop, Halo Infinite will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Excitingly, it’ll include a free-to-play multiplayer mode, with cross-platform matchmaking too.