New Mafia Game Confirmed By 2K Games and Hangar 13

There’s no shortage of organized crime games. Still, that doesn’t mean people won’t get excited over the prospect of a new one on the horizon. The well-known Mafia series is continuing to grow with the announcement of another title in the works. Unlike some other games that have the same themes, Mafia has always been the most serious of the bunch. Namely, it has players control a serious and well-dressed characters reminiscent of classical gangsters. Even so, the games have always provided a lot to do and huge sprawling series to explore as you crime your way to the top of it.

The New Mafia Game

It was in the early 2000’s that the devs at Hangar 13 brought their Mafia game to the public with the help of 2K. Taking place in the era of old school mobsters, it quickly grew in popularity with new entries and a remaster of the original released in 2020. It’s been quiet on the series front since then, but now a new Mafia is currently in development. Not much has been revealed about it, but if it follows on from Mafia III then it’s likely that players will be playing as 20th century gangsters once again. Though the third game was not as well-received as others, fans are already excited at the idea of a new one to play.

As with other crime-related games, Mafia offers similar bells and whistles. You typically play some low to mid-level grunt in a notable crime family operating in City, USA. You’re tasked with completing a number of questionable activities in order to prove your worth to the family. Through hard-work and eliminating the competition in one way or another, you’ll rise through the ranks to have power and influence of your own. Of course, there are plenty of other activities to keep you busy with the future Mafia game, possibly offering new ones.

Mafia has never made as much noise as GTA or Saints Row, but is one of the earliest and longest lasting crime-based game series. The new entry in development is already getting people excited and proving that Mafia still has some weight to throw around.