New Pokémon Snap | How to Complete Requests

There is a mechanic linked to the online connectivity of New Pokémon Snap that tasks the player with taking specific pictures of Pokémon all across the Lental region. These requests tend to have pretty specific requirements, so it can be a bit tedious to work through. However, if you complete requests, you might find yourself earning cool pictures and some great cosmetics for your profile. This guide will tell you how to do just that.

How to Complete Requests in New Pokémon Snap

New Pokémon Snap capture vs kill

In order to complete requests in New Pokémon Snap, we suggest heading to the LenTalk request menu so you can see what requests you have available. Once there, you’ll have a ton of hint pictures and descriptions of what the requester wants to see. Once you take a picture of a Pokémon doing the requested action, then the LenTalk request will be automatically fulfilled, and you’ll be given whatever reward was promised, if there was any.

The primary objective of requests is to provide you with hints for 3 and 4 star Pokémon pictures. Some of these can be really hard to find by yourself. So if you’re struggling to fill out your Photodex, then you have your opportunity to get a quick little method to do so. This is a happy middle ground to looking up what the picture is online, since you’re only given small hints about where to look.

The other reason to consider completing requests is for small cosmetic rewards. These are boons to your Profile, like icons and stickers. There are also some design frames locked behind requests. If there is a request with a reward, you can check it in the LenTalk Request tab.

You can only complete requests which you currently have. That means you can take a really good picture early on, and then get a request for that exact same picture later. If there is no reward for that request, then there is no reason to perform the task again.

Good luck completing those requests! For more Pokémon-related guides, check out some of ours!