New Resident Evil Village Bosses Revealed

Today, Capcom revealed new Resident Evil Village bosses. As IGN’s previews of Village wrap up, we’ve got our first glimpse of Karl Heisenberg, Salvatore Moreau, and Donna Beneviento.

As we know, Mother Miranda is the spectre looming over the game’s setting. She is served by four Lords – one of which is the wildly popular Lady Dimitrescu. We don’t know what their relationship is, but previous footage shows Dimitrescu doing Miranda’s bidding, so it’s fair to assume she’ll be the game’s big bad. But Dimitrescu is just one of Mother Miranda’s four Lords, as the news from IGN proves.

First up is Karl Heisenberg, who frequents the Factory area of the map. He’s no relation to Walter White, though he’s equally as menacing, armed with a massive hammer, and obsessed with murder. His sadistic tendencies and grungy aesthetic pose a very classic gothic threat for the protagonist, Ethan. He’ll first threaten players early on in the game, before emerging once again later on, once the Factory area is accessible.

Next is Salvatore Moreau, labeled “the most repulsive character on Earth” by game director Tomonori Takano. His decrepit appearance evokes imagery of the gothic merman, so it’s fitting that he patrols the Reservoir area. His backstory is firmly under wraps, and even how he’ll threaten players is unknown. But his design harkens back to Lisa Trevor from the original Resident Evil.

The final Lord is Donna Beneviento, a veiled, faceless spectre in the vein of La Llorona. Donna never leaves behind Angie, a puppet sure to evoke memories of Jigsaw and other horror dolls. She bases herself in the aptly named Beneviento mansion, an area never visited and barely touched, says Takano. He says the mansion builds on the haunted house elements created by the Baker House in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Out of the four Lords, Donna certainly seems like the one most inspired by classic horror.

Players will have to face all four Lords, and mysterious Mother Miranda, when Resident Evil Village launches on May 7.